Foundation for interactions between enterprises and scientific sector – FUNPRECIT, Argentina

In 1982 we set up this Foundation with the vision to become a Business Development and Innovation Service Provider to enterprises. The main purpose is to provide enterprises with knowledge from the scientific sector and funds from the corresponding Agencies, either from Argentina or from abroad. The aim of our actions is to satisfy SME´s needs for knowledge and competitiveness.


·         Design, Management and Project Management for SMEs "

·         Technology Transfer and Technological Services to Companies and Organizations of the Company (agreements)

·         Management and Program Management for State and Private Institutions "

·         Agreements of Cooperation with National and International Institutions


FUNPRECIT develops actions as Business Service Provider for Companies, linking, when feasible, with research institutes and funding sources. Thus, working with companies to meet their needs for growth and competitiveness, continuous improvement. FUNPRECIT This lends his knowledge, experience and associated professionals and, above all, his commitment to economic and social development of enterprises and the country, not only to its service career, but also to its ethical path of transparency.


·         Development of industrial technological capacity for innovation;

·         Develop business management skills;

·         Technology transfer for innovation and technological services to companies and organizations of the Company;

·         Training for competitiveness;

·         Innovation in education;

·         and External Relations.